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An insignificant little worm

Poule blanche et poule brune

In a corner of the farmyard, a white podgy hen and a brown plump hen are sleeping peacefully under the winter sun, lulled by the cackling of the other dwellers of the place.

“Say, how many eggs have you laid today?” asks the brown hen to the white hen.
“Only one”, the white hen answers. “And you?”
“Ouch, the farmer's wife won't like that!”
“I know it”, the white hen sighs.
And the two well-padded hens fall asleep back, indifferent to the noise around them.

“Say, when does the farmer's wife come up with the grain?” the white hen asks to the brown hen.
“Oh! Not before an hour” the brown hen answers. “Why?”
“I am hungry!”
“Well, well ! It will be a long wait!”
“I know it” the white hen sighs.
And the two chubby hens passively watch the chicks play lively.

Suddenly, the white hen feels something tickling her foot.
“Oh! An earthworm!” she exclaims.
“Really? Where is it?” the brown hen asks.
“Here, near my right foot”.
“It is very small”, the brown hen notices.
“ Yes, it is true. Do you think it is edible? It is so small…”
“If you don't want it, give it to me. I do feel like swallowing it.”
“Oh, no! It is mine” the white hen exclaims.
The white hen cranes her neck over and observes the unconscious little worm for a long moment and then she stands up, shaking her head:
“No, finally, I let you get it. It is way too small”, she says disdainfully.
“Are you sure? You don't want it?” the brown hen asks.
“I prefer to wait for the farmer's wife to come up with corn.”
“As you like it…”
The brown hen bends over to peck at the careless little worm, but she makes up her mind at the last moment:
“No, I let you get it”, she says, “You saw it first, so it is yours.”
“No way”, the white hen answers, “Come on. I am not as hungry as that. I can easily wait for the farmer's wife.”
“Mm! Earthworms are so tasty!” the brown hen says.

Suddenly, the minute worm, now aware of the danger, begins to run away desperately to escape this bad situation. And at the moment when the brown hen eventually decides to peck at the panic-stricken little worm, a dauntless chick rushes forward from between the two podgy hens and swallows the minute worm without beating about the bush!

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